by Obasquiat

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This audio is a part of Sunyatha Records' collection:

About the album: "Mœbius"

About the album seen and heard in a dreamlike and playful way
The album represents an artistic and sincere syndrome and we will call it Moebius syndrome which is and will represent a neurological disturbance of electroacoustic sound interruption of extremely rare ideas.
It results from the development of very intense abnormal acoustic filling of the cranial nerves and grooves, resulting in the death of several brain cells that take refuge in the sonic abstractions of the unique and dreamlike universe that are those of the muscles and face, the soul of essence and virtue and This has as main characteristic the total loss of modesty and critical, social and philosophical or partial good sense of the movements that are responsible for the expressions and ocular and auditory motor
Only airborne dirt, transmitted by insane or bipolar minds

A more organic sound the band as a whole and the exploration of new sounds is basically what sets this album, the proposal is to show new sonorous directions, new influences and experimentation.
Flirtations range between free jazz, experimental rock and something of Brazilian music and noise rock.
Some tracks have the special participation of friends, much of the album was generated from the creative leisure, this album features compositions copyright (of questionable content)
Recorded rustic way the album and mutable transcendence and old compilations and narcissists records that will auto Disolver the simple touch and sound, so enjoy.


released January 1, 2017

Cover art: Marco Antonio

Obasquiat/ guest musicians*
Nando Souza*: saxophone
Romulo Alexis*: trumpet
Jeferson Peres: drums
Vice Fiori*: 5 strings violin FX
Marco Antonio: bass guitar, fretless bass, acoustic bass, 5-string electric bass, vocalization, participation in the choir of voices, cello, synth fx, keyboard, programming, beat , noise effects, electronics drums and mix
Ihsanul Fikri*: Artmosf, noise effects
Reginaldo Rodrigues*: handmade instruments / alaude
Alexei Borisov*: guitars
Olga Nosova*: vocals and percussion
Jesus Cremoso: noises / effects
Os125*: ambient, noise effects
Gustavo Gomes*: lyrics and voice

Tracks: "Claypool's Groove", "Conglieshazhi", "Colias Croceus", "Disturbio", "Menarka" composed, mix and produced by Marco Antonio.

Tracks: "Vanikoro", "Caimã", "трапеция", "Negasi" Compositions in partnerships with musicians and friends
Produced by Marco Antonio



all rights reserved


Obasquiat São Paulo, Brazil

Free experimental group, Influenced initially by the experimental music and noise the project now includes a new thematic improvisation in Free Jazz.
Unusual artistic troupe of variation, simplicity in keep more contact with the American black Jazz and without forgetting the Brazilian rhythms rooted in Africa.
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Track Name: Disturbio
Você não faz idéia da minha inflamação
Essa infecção que consumiu, não passa de um pedido de socorro em desespero, frustrado!
Negando o obvio!
Agora teremos problemas, pois estamos cada vez mais em agonia e incertezas.
E sabes que eu tento!
Mas onde procurar?
Pensando num futuro... Que talvez não exista...
Sem teto, sem chão... O que estamos fazendo?
Track Name: Poucafé
Dentro da favela recupero minha dor
Dela me entrega pouco caso que restou
Roto desatento no momento do torpor
Troco um cigarro por um trago incolor

E vai colorir
A rua
A calçada
E crua

Santo é meu café
Poucafé em mim
Mas mesmo assim vou a pé
Feito maré de córrego
E eu saúdo a mulher que me foi a melhor
E pintou meu papel de vermelho carmim

E vai colorir
A calçada a rua
A calçada
E crua